Here is a reading list from some of my favorite herbalists. I always recommend that it is not only interesting but important to get to know the very plants you are attracted to learning about and possibly using. Educating yourself is one of the most inspiring and empowering things you can do, to learn. All of these herbalists have similarities in the way they navigate though their herbal experiences but as you read further they all have so many different perspectives and have a variety of imperative information to share from their own experiences and they are all different, mindful and magical as the plants are alive within all of us. So, also I'd like to share this, if you are going out foraging (wildcrafting) or simply going out in your front yard learning about a special weed or cultivated plant, please use at least 3 different field guides to help you along, I will include some in this list and in the world there are so many more, visit your bookstore, it is so satisfying, there is nothing like sinking into an isle or couch of a bookstore in which hours can get lost and you can bond with books in a much more tangible way then you can on line.

reference list---

Herbal Healing for Women---Rosemary Gladstar

Herbal Recipes-Vibrant Health---Rosemary Gladstar

Medicinal Herbs-A Beginners Guide---Rosemary Gladstar

Herbs for Anxiety and Stress---Rosemary Gladstar

The New Holistic Herbal---David Hoffman

Foundation of Health-Healing with Herbs and Food---Christopher Hobbs

The Book of Herbal Wisdom---Matthew Wood

The Healing Wise---Susun Weed

The Menopausal Years---Susun Weed

The Childbearing Years---Susun Weed

Breast Cancer, Breast Health---Susun Weed

Down There-Sexual and Reproductive Health the Wise Woman Way---Susun Weed

The Energetics of Western Herbs Vol 1 and 2---Peter Holmes

The Gift of Healing Herbs--Robin Bennet

The Roots of Healing, A Women's Book of Herbs--Deb Soule


Great Field Guides---

Newcombs wildflower guide

Peterson wildflower Field guides

Peterson Field guide to Medicinal Plants and Herbs

Foraging and Feasting-A Field Guide and Wildwood Cookbook---Dina Falconi

Wild Flowers of Cape Cod--Harold R. Hinds and Wilfred A. Hathaway

The Audubon Society Guides to Wildflowers


Books on Flower Essences---

Stars of the Meadow, Medicinal Herbs as Flower Essences---David Dalton *** one of my favorites!

Flower Essence Society---Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz

Flower Power---Anne McIntyre

Flower Essences---by-Gurudas Forward by Gabriel Cousins, M.D.

Flower Essences, An Illustrated Guide---Carol Rudd

Flower  Remedies Handbook, Emotional Healing & Growth with Bach & Other Flower Essences---Donna Cunningham

Century for Virgo Rock Rose for Pisces-More than 400 Flower Essences for your Zodiac Path---Debbie Sellwood


This is only a small but reliable list to start on, make your books your friends and get familiar with them, keep them in your backpack, in your car or anywhere you can quickly access them believe me you'll appreciate having them nearby. Great green explorations to you, respect and love the plants, they are powerful and to greatly respect each and everyone of them is absolutely necessary, NEVER taste anything you don't know! Learn about the plants you love.

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