Nature is my biggest inspiration and where i am moved and filled with an awe that brings me to tears. I am lead to the ocean, the woods, the meadows and always back to the water.

         I am a micro business focusing on small quantity, high quality herbal products from the natural world where the magic inherently lies, deep within the earth where the seeds emerge when the time is ripe and the cycles complete their perfections and then the seeds that offer hope form for the future and the salty brine of the seasonal nourishments as the tides ebbs and flows felt fully in our soul and spirit beings adorned with seaweeds and many sea plants and flowers.

       I work with wildcrafted and cultivated flowers, roots, leaves and seeds to make gorgeous quality products, in small thoughtfully prepared batches. 

         I make medicinal oils by infusing the flower or the parts of the plant in extra virgin olive oil for weeks to brew then decant the oil, then I use the oil for salves or just by itself. I also make herbal medicinal tinctures where I collect the plant and infuse it in 100 proof Vodka for at least six weeks and usually much longer. Tinctures capture the chemical constituents of the plant and a Vodka menstruum make them medicinal.

        I lastly LOVE making Flower Essences. I make the flower essence process a creative expression. I have a great love of ritual and altars are always apart of that theme.

          For the individual essences, I make an altar with my favorite trinkets like beach shells, sand, sea glass, sea rocks, driftwood, forest moss, branches, pine cones, rusty bits, lacy fabric, jewels and anything I find special and then I prepare the essence by placing the flower on top of the water in a glass ramakin bowl and infuse for some hours while adorning the altar I set prayer and when ready I decant the essence water and preserve in brandy. I am in the process of making blends and I also make individual blends upon request, check out the flower essence page.

  Thank you and enjoy!


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