Burdock Rooty

I harvested this Burdock late this fall to access its healing inulin which it is rich in in the later fall. 

Burdock plays a big role in our Lymphatic system routes and favors paving a way to vigorous health. An interesting point is that the production of lymph fluid is mainly created in our liver and stomach which, wow! what a reality check on the vital importance of keeping our liver and digestive system in tip top shape which needs daily attention. Here is where Burdock takes in trying to strengthen and invigorate the liver, kidney and lymph and by keeping these healthy puts less a strain on the bodies ability to do its job and helps the body to function more effectively, relieving the body of metabolic wastes via these routes of elimination. Apparently lymph fluid is made up 2/3 in the liver and intestines learned from reading (Robin Rose Bennet) which makes a strong focus on keeping these areas less vulnerable to illness by strengthening them with herbs and nutritious food choices.

Burdock has diuretic properties and helps to keep at bay dangerous complications to a compromised or delicate immune system, like bladder infections, kidney stones, toxic blood from impaired kidney function. Burdock can also contribute to better blood sugar fluctuations, balancing the highs and lows especially with Fall harvested Burdock rich in inulin and is also has desirable probiotic activity which ia a nice addition in promoting better gut health.

Burdock root also assist in eliminating toxins that contribute to and prolong arthirits.

An easier solution to good digestive health can be through incorporating this extremely healing plant into your daily food. One way to glean and benefit from its nutritional abundance is to have it raw, by grating and infusing into your meal or salad, cook sliced up and add to cooking rice is an easy solution, you can also have the dried root in tea form but infusion or decoction or in tincture form. Burdock is high in minerals, vitamins, chemical consituents capable of keeping illness at a distance. Burdocks inulin increase positive probiotic activity in the gut which is valuable to the lymph and generally feeling better, less flatulence, heartburn, ulcer activity, assimilation of food which directly affects the way we process all vital nutrients that helps us ultimately flourish with good health. When digestion isn’t impaired less stressed is out on our system which leaves everything to do its job with out interruption.

Burdock is a cooling herb that with its affinity for the lymph makes it a superior optional herb for related and hard to treat skin conditions which can flare up when the lymph system is under siege, like eczema, psoriasis, allergic rashes, boils, etc..

burdock root 3.jpg