Motherwort One of my very favorite plants I use on a fairly regular basis. Motherwort-leonurus cardiaca -a superb women's herb 🌿 wonderful for all stages of a woman's life from the beginning of menarch throughout ones life and menopause. Known for helping with hot flashes, helping alleviate a vaginal dryness, a drop in hormonal production can create sensitive changes in a woman's body. This plant tones down emotional flare ups, Mood fluctuations and stress relief. Motherwort help alleviate PMS symptoms and also be of great assistance to heart ❤️ issues, irregular heartbeats, high Or low blood pressure. She help bring things in perspective. I consider her a savior as I use this plant in stages as she builds your up you may find yourself some days with your hand tightly wrapped around a tincture bottle dosing drops throughout the day and as your mind glides for a drive on another highway of thoughts you will then deeply appreciate her generous gifts. I always give squirts of her medicine in my water bottles on long trips for a calmer perspective