When thinking about my new approach to my business and the gift economy and trying to convey my feelings I came up with this because there is an illusiveness to this idea.


Gardenia Gardens Botanicals is taking part in a new paradigm of thinking which is part radical and part sensible, it is based on the giving principle of the gift economy. Although endless interpretations of how a gift economy functions I've adapted my own course of the way I want mine to be. I have made everything on this site free of $charge and no shipping expense to you, kinda radical but I know I need to be involved this way. Some may think that by reducing the cost of your creations to zero it loses all its value, I feel the opposite, I feel it increases its wealth, vibrationally (from the act of giving and receiving (some of the harder things to accept) and that its always accessible to everyone including those who may not be able to afford the extra expense but would enjoy trying something new and that its your choice to involve yourself in valuing this increasingly positive exchange that doesn't involve reciprocal expectations. Cheers!